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Len Router 'Nice N Easy'.
with Keith Luke

"In today's 'fast-paced' world, Keith Luke is pleased to present the music of an easier, gentler time... with an hour of continuous easy listening music, here on The UK 1950's Radio Station!
Keith has decades of experience as a radio presenter, producer and writer in the states. Known for his smooth, warm style and easy delivery... a near perfect match for the music he presents.
Join him and 'step back in time' when music was easy to enjoy... listen to, sing along with, dance to or just remember it with fond memories, on his programme, 'Nice N Easy'.

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Neil-Thompson Neil's 50s Rollercoaster
with Neil Thompson

A mixture of Rock 'n' Roll, Country and Western, Rhythm and Blues and a whole lot more from the decade that gave us the best of this kind of music - the 50s

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Rockin-Robin 02:00-14:00 The Rockabilly Hour with

Born in the heart of Sherwood. I have always loved Rock 'n' Roll music since I found my Mum & Dad's record collection in my early youth. I used to play their records on a large radiogram which was the size of a sideboard in the living room and this soon got me into collecting vinyl records spending many hours in record shops in Nottinghamshire.

Rockin' Robin
Bill Gratton 50s Cafe
with Bill Gratton

Bill presents a gentle mix of 1950s standards.

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 Guy Roles My Pick of the 50s
with Guy Roles

Guy, the man with a huge 50s knowledge and record collection on 33 1/3 LP's 48 rpm singles and not to mention 78s and a 57 Chevy to play them in!

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Lynda Moncaster Lynda's 1950s Golden Oldies
with Lynda Moncaster

A good mix of Swing music, Big Bands and Orchestral music with plenty of crooners thrown in for good measure.

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Rickshaw's 50's Countdown Show The 50's Countdown Show
with Rickshaw

Each The 50's Countdown focuses on one week in history, and I try to make it sound like you might remember radio back at that particular time. I would love to hear from anyone with any comments or suggestions.

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Shaun Moncaster The Non Stop Doo Wop Hour

We were going to call this the happy hour, until Shaun sat right down to write a letter, whilst listening to a preview of the Non Stop Doo Wop hour. He learnt about a side of Doo Wop that made him sad so he decided go on a long journey of discovery to rediscover exactly what cheered him up in his younger years of angst when he enjoyed listening to Doo Wop. The rest of the Station team are enjoying the peace whilst the boss is away!

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Monday Presenter 08:00-20:00 Larry The K's
Rock & Roll Radio Reunion

A fine selection of music from Larry across the pond in the 'Sunshine State' that is Florida. we are sure you will enjoy Larry's high energy presentation!

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Monday Presenter 09:00-21:00 Non-Stop Easy Listening Music

Music from Film, Stage ,Big Band, Rock 'n' Roll plus much more, in fact if it was around during the 1950s, then you might well hear it here during this hour.

We are currently looking for a volunteer presenter to join the station to present an easy listening hour Show. Please email for further details if you are interested in joining the 1950s UK Radio Station.

Monday Presenter 10:00-22:00 General Play List
Non presented hour of music.

A non-stop selection from across our entire 1950s library, including short soundbites from adverts and old time radio, but of course, plenty of music for your listening pleasure.

Jay_Lawrence Stateside M&M
with Jay Lawrence

With every song I hear, I have a memory. There have been so many songs that I have heard growing up and I have so many memories. That's why I call the program the M&M Show. Music, Memories and More from the 1950s. A weaving together in one hour great sounds of the Big Bands, Rock-a-Billy, a little comedy, Broadway and motion picture show tunes . a great potpourri of the famous music of the 50s's My hope is that I can help you relive some great memories in your life here on the UK's 1950s Radio Station.

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