Rockin'Robin of Sherwood Forest - The Rockabilly Hour
02:00 & 14:00 Hrs Saturday GMT

Photo Rockin'Robin of Sherwood Forest

Born in the heart of Sherwood. I have always loved Rock 'n' Roll music since I found my Mum & Dad's record collection in my early youth. I used to play their records on a large radiogram which was the size of a sideboard in the living room and this soon got me into collecting vinyl records spending many hours in record shops in Nottinghamshire. Later my musical taste had moved to the 1960's & the Mod culture but my vinyl collecting remained as important. By the mid 80's I had found Northern Soul and I started Djing on the Northern Soul scene.

But I have always been drawn back to my musical roots & I feel that all music came from the raw Blues & Hillbilly sounds in the deep south of America and I am hoping to include in the show, the rare and under played Rockabilly sounds plus the Rock n Roll standards. If it is from the 1950s and it has a rocking beat ... it's in the show. We may slip the odd slow one in too :-)

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